Some Must Tools to Optimize Your Website for Search Engines


A website can be the most artistically and beautifully designed website on the Internet, but if no one can see it there really is not much point having wasted all the effort on the masterpiece of your career. For a website to be a success you have to create it with SEO in the fore plan. Which means that you will have to use proper keywords, which will allow search engines to find your web pages based on the key words you have chosen, using their natural algorithms.

A SEO website will provide you with a higher ranking when users are looking for websites that offer the similar products or services as your own. The higher your ranking, the higher your chances are to receive a large number of visitors.

Now as a web designer you may either hire someone to take care of the SEO, or you can choose to do it yourself. If you do choose to take care of the SEO yourself you may be interested in some tools that will make your work much easier to handle.

There are four free valuable tools you can use, the Rank checker, Market samurai, SEOquake and SeoMoz toolbar.

The Rank checker is an easier browser tool that can be installed in Firefox, and will check your ranking position using the most popular browsers, including Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can add your website and enter a keyword that relates to your service or product and find out how you rank in terms of search engines. You can also keep track of how the same keywords are working over a certain time span and check on the competing websites.

The Market samurai has several different useful elements, as it will let you add keywords you have used in your website and will give you results based on these, providing you with additional keywords you can use to enhance your ranking. You can also check on other competing websites and provide you with information concerning these, allowing you to improve your SEO and get a better ranking than theirs.

SEOquake is similar to rank checker as it is a web browser tool bar. This powerful tool will provide you with important information as to ranking, and how many pages of your website are indexed. It also provides you with a link to Alexa rank for web pages, which will give you an estimate of how much traffic you can expect on your website.

SEOMoz is another toolbar that can be installed on both Chrome and Firefox and will work when you browse through the Internet. Every time you load up the pages or a particular website it will provide information about domain and page authority. This tool also has an excellent feature called analyze page that will give you an extensive list of SEO useful information about a website, such as links, page ranking, keywords and other useful elements that you can save to your records.


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