How to Make Your Content Work for the Success of Your Website

compu2What makes the difference to websites, whether the design is great and the color scheme attractive is the quality of the written content. Web content should be up-to-date, engaging and provide useful information. A well-written article along with tips and information that enhances our knowledge will draw us back to that website regularly. A reader who visits a favourite website often may also suggest it to other friends, providing the website with new visitors.

The top ranking websites all have several common traits as far as web content is concerned:

· Several links that lead users to other informative areas within the website, which in turn provide more quality material.

· They all offer unique and quality writing.

· They provide content which will not be out dated by the next month.

It is also essential readers can find what they are looking for as swiftly as possible, without having to follow too many links. The more user-friendly your content is the more likely your readers will come back often. Another important point is of course your keyword factor. If your website relates to pets then you will have to have all relevant keywords that people looking for pet information will be seeking. It is important to provide content that is easy to find and must fit in with what the reader is looking for.

Keep in mind that people who use the Internet do not actually read through the article, but typically scan it. This means that any words or phrases that stand out from the page are the ones that users will be reading. So, your content must be both good and easy to scan through. Headings and subtitles will help make the content easier to scan through as will short paragraphs. Why? Because a long block of words is not easy to read and follow on a computer screen.

Writing Workable Web Content

If you want content to be good:

· Make your titles clear. Your title has to carefully describe what the paragraph is going to be about. Titles that are witty or idiomatic may be original but will not serve a definite purpose, so try and be relevant. This is also because search engines will not tune into irrelevant content.

· Keywords you use in the article should stand out from the content as these are the words users will have been using.

· Make sure you use short paragraphs that describe an idea and not more than one. Avoid crowding too many issues into one paragraph, simply add more.

· Avoid using sales phrases, or a style that seems to want to sell something in each sentence. Promotional language is boring and readers will soon tune off.

The above tips are only a few general guidelines to help you write good quality content that will attract readers to a website. There are other issues to consider, that cannot be learned overnight. However, practice will improve your content as will reading some good content on other websites that have a good search engine ranking.

By Sonia Bruni on Words4U


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